I recently returned home from a jaunt across the pond to cheer at the Olympic Games and appear to have symptoms possibly related to the Olympic Fever.

Have you heard of this serious illness? For the past year it’s been spreading and gaining momentum across the globe. I’m surprised the World Health Organization has not posted an international alert (maybe they’ve caught it and keeping it under wraps).

Please review the following symptoms to see if you or a loved one have fallen ill to the Olympic Fever. We strongly suggest taking precaution when attempting to diagnose a loved one or friend, they may attempt to dress you up as a Wenlock (cyclops mascot, quite scary indeed).

*You don’t leave home without wearing a cape of your country’s flag. And why wouldn’t you, it looks better than a Snuggie and you feel like the Caped Crusader.

*When making a reservation at a restaurant, you place your reservation under William and Kate or Elizabeth and James (Bond, James Bond).

*You now do a victory dance at the end of every workout.

*As you take your dog for a walk, you now greet neighbors with Usain Bolt dance moves. And then you run as fast as you can around the block.

*You’ve created i.d. credentials for yourself and any other VIP’s allowed into your Sponsored Hospitality House (aka your home).

*You now place your priceless pin collection in a safe (and you know who to talk to on the black market to get more).

*You have competed and/or hosted a Beerolympics, where you drink a beer from as many different countries as possible (you know the rules, you must be standing at the end to win. Don’t forget to make a podium in your house to accept your medal).

*You now strut your stuff in a speedo (don’t forget your goggles). And if you don’t already, you shave your arms, legs, and back. So speedy!

*You attempt to start the wave at office meetings. A round or rectangular table is ideal for such an event. Horn blowers are optional.

*You stand on the curb of a busy street waiting to cheer all cyclists who ride by.

*You attend your children’s athletic events covered in body paint and holding a cheer sign. Who cares if they’re only in kindergarden.


Note: There is currently no known cure for the Olympic Fever. Studies may suggest that symptoms will slowly decrease, though there is no concrete research confirming this. Now where the heck did I put my cape?



Blog by: Fierce competitor in Beerolympics and creator of the Komero Hospitality House,