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Gender Equity

impact_girlGender Equity is not a women’s right it is a human right. Gender
inequality remains a major barrier to human and community development worldwide. Across Africa and Asia, women and girls are consistently denied access to equivalent opportunities their male counterparts receive, and are often prevented from accessing education, engaging equally in society, or participating in sports activities.


Sport and Olympic Values


Olympic Day COEOne of the founding principles of the Olympic movement is non-discrimination; everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

KPI leverages the power of sport and the Olympic values in a safe space so girls and boys can positively challenge and shift harmful gender, social and cultural norms. Sport has been proven to provide a unique environment where harmful norms can be renegotiated giving girls the same opportunities as boys to reach their full potential.


 Genocide-Impacted Countries


Let's Play Field Community CenterGenocide adds another layers, making gender equity more challenging, as the trauma of conflict where women were the victims of torture, rape, and other acts of gender based violence still lingers. We believe that sport can serve as a powerful medium for shifting attitudes, behaviors and even social norms about gender equity.

Genocide education and prevention goes hand in hand with gender equity as the assumptions and perceptions a society holds regarding the roles and responsibilities of each gender effect their power dynamics in and out of conflict.

Since 2008 KPI has…

Engaged 50+ Olympic Athletes

Organized 20+ Volunteer Trips

Held 60+ Community Event days annually

Hosted over 500 Volunteers, Interns, Fellows

Enrolled over 300 players into LPF program

Impacted 6000+ community members

Provided over 450 hours of programming annually

Engaged over 400 Parents

Trained local coaches 16 women, 14 men

Engaged 6 partner schools

Provided school supplies, uniforms or medical insurance for 300+ kids annually

Influenced 8000 Students


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