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Since 2012, Kids Play International has used less familiar sports to promote gender equity by empowering youth and developing education, employability and mental strength skills to help them reach their full potential in Rwanda and Cambodia.


Leveraging the positive attributes of sport to promote gender equity by building personal development skills and equipping youth with mental strength tools to help them reach higher levels of education and employment.


A world in which girls and boys are empowered and have the same opportunities to achieve their fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.


Rooted in the belief that sport can be a powerful catalyst for social change, Kids Play players and coaches are asked to conduct themselves inside and outside our program by these Olympic values:

Excellence: always doing your best, especially when no one is looking.

Friendship: being tolerant, kind to all and listen to one another. 

Fair Play: respecting the rules in the game, in life, respect yourself and others.

Training for VolleyballKids Play International believes gender equity transforms communities and countries and that it is not only a woman’s right, it is a human right.

KPI leverages the power of sport and the Olympic values in a safe space so girls and boys can positively challenge and shift harmful gender, social and cultural norms. Sport has been proven to provide a unique environment where harmful norms can be renegotiated giving girls the same opportunities as boys to reach their full potential. Genocide education and prevention goes hand in hand with gender equity as the assumptions and perceptions a society holds regarding the roles and responsibilities of each gender effect their power dynamics in and out of conflict.

KPI provides a unique Let’s Play Fair program that is mixed gender, multi sport, and embedded long term into communities.  KPI’s model has been designed to work deeply within a single community over an extended period of time so that we may catalyze lasting and sustainable change in a concentrated geographic area.

With the greatest potential to redefine community norms, KPI believes that young people are the long-term solution to changing deep-rooted beliefs, and building a healthy society where each gender’s contribution is highly valued. Our programmatic approach is to focus initially on delivering a comprehensive range of Let’s Play Fair sport and gender equity activities for a core group of youth participants, while over time increasing our engagement with, and impact on, the wider community.


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KPI’s volunteer trips allow people the opportunity to travel with a purpose and experience the impact of our mission firsthand.