Promoting Gender Equity Through Sport

Empowering Girls | Developing Supportive Boys | Fostering Inclusive Communities

Kids Play Rwanda

Since 2012, Kids Play International has used less familiar sports to promote gender equity by empowering youth and developing education, employability and mental strength skills to help them reach their full potential in the rural village of Gatagara, Rwanda.

Kids Play Cambodia

In 2018, Kids Play began Let's Play Fair Cambodia program in Ang Chagn Chass, as small rural village outside of Siem Reap. We now have 12 gender equity coaches leading sport for development programming to 105 players!

Travel with a Purpose

KPI’s Travel with a Purpose trips allow people the opportunity to travel with a purpose and experience the impact of our mission firsthand.

Why Gender Equity

Worldwide, women and girls are consistently prevented from accessing education, engaging equally in society, or participating in sports activities, sustaining a major barrier to human and community development.

Sport & Olympic Values

Kids Play is grounded in the ‘Fair Play’ value of the Olympic Movement: that sport should be used as a means of educating people, demanding teamwork and fostering positive relationships.

Genocide Impacted Countries

Genocide adds another layer, making gender equity more challenging, as the trauma of conflict where women were the victims of torture, rape, and other acts of gender based violence still lingers.
Our Founder:

Our Founder:

Tracy Evans, a 3-time Olympian & National Champion in Freestyle Skiing, founded KPI after witnessing, first-hand, the effects of genocide on communities and specifically the impact on gender roles and inequality.