This week we have focused primarily on preparing for Walk to Remember on April 11th. All of our surrounding schools have been invited as well as our cell and sector level officials.

Throughout the week, the participants practiced their poems & songs to prepare for their performances on the 11th. During the Walk to Remember ceremony participants will perform three poems and three songs – all original compositions from our students. Additionally, we will read 100 names of victims who were killed in our area and buried at our memorial grave. Each name represents 10,000 people in order to recognize all 1M lost lives.

During mourning period, there are no sports based activities in order to show respect for the families who are mourning. On Apr. 10th, we will have one last rehearsal and on the 11th we will host the walk. There will be no KPI programming from Apr 7-16th to show respect for our community members and those who lost their lives.