“Tracy and her crew are amazing, we were lucky to be able to watch them in action when they were at Spitler School in Cambodia and we couldn’t believe the energy and organization that these ladies had, the kids loved every minute that they were there, thanks for coming to our school and thanks for being the people that you are, you make this world a much better place!” – Pam Spittler, Co-Founder, Spittler Schools, CAMBODIA

“Traveling to Rwanda with Kids Play International was the most wonderful and rewarding experience. I feel fortunate for the opportunity to spread my love for sports with the kids in Rwanda and to see how much the people in the community enjoyed participating in the activities together. We did everything from soccer (futbol), volleyball, rotational fitness activities to even Tae Kwon Do and so much more! I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with some of the hardest working, kindest, and happiest people I have ever met. They taught me so much about the important things in life. We had a great mix of volunteering in the village with optional activities such as a music festival in Kigali, visiting the Genocide museum, Gorilla Trekking, as well as going on a Safari in Tanzania. It was truly a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to take another trip with KPI… I highly recommend this trip to anyone!”  – Kim Germain 2013

“The Rwanda trip was honestly the coolest experience of my life. I got the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people. It was an eye opening experience and I would jump at the opportunity to go again. The people you meet will change your life and your entire perspective on life outside of our culture.” – Max Edmiston 2013, College Student

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to volunteer with kids play international in Gatagara, Rwanda this July and it was a truly rewarding experience that I will never forget. While in Rwanda I felt very welcomed by the locals and really noticed a sense of community in a country overcoming its devastating past. The children in our Lets Play Program could not have been happier to be involved and it was amazing to see how excited they got over something that we take for granted like playing soccer with a real soccer ball as opposed to an improvised one made of plastic bags. Volunteering with kids play was an experience I will never forget and I look forward to seeing the program grow in years to come and what results come from this.”  – Shaye Huggins, College Student

“It was great to see how the kids were encouraging each other, teaching each other, curious to try every drill and skill we threw there way.  We were constantly greeted with smiles and handshakes from young to old, from tall to small, from leaders to followers, we were welcomed.” – Heather Tomley

“I just want to say that you were an amazing leader (Jaime Komer) and I had an absolute blast with everyone.  The kids are all wonderful and I loved working with them.” – Tyler Siri, High School Student

“KPI really opened my eyes to what else the world has to offer, and seeing the smiling faces on the people that have close to nothing really gets you thinking on what’s important in life. If I could I’d be back in Rwanda in a heart beat.” – Emily Winkelmann, High School Student

“Jaime and Matt are awesome role models, and their enthusiasm is infectious.  Going to Rwanda was a life changing event – the county is beautiful, the children are amazing and the experience is something that every person should try to do in their lifetime.  I thought I was going to teach them something, but what happened was that they taught me more than I could have expected – resilience and forgiveness.” – Sheril Feldman

“Traveling to Rwanda with KPI was a rich and rewarding experience on many levels- working directly with kids, seeing the [Let’s Play] program in action and engaging with the local community.  I was touched by the kindness we were shown and the warmth of the Rwandan people.  I recommend to anyone who wants to give back and support a worthwhile program- take this trip!”

Cyndi Berkhardt, Senior Brand Manager, Marquee Products at New York Road Runners



“Kids Play INt’l allowed me to see life through a new set of eyes.  The people of Rwanda welcomed us with open arms, open hearts and much enthusiasm!  Being able to touch so many young lives through sport and just a wave and a smile was truly the experience of a lifetime.  A big “thank you” to Kids Play and the people of Rwanda, Africa for such an amazing opportunity.”

Janelle Sanchez, Mom, Soccer Coach and Former Notre Dame Volleyball Player



“The KPI trip gave me an authentic opportunity to immerse myself in the Rwandan culture, an experience I will always treasure.  I loved the balance between volunteering, working with the children of the different communities, and experiencing the natural wonders of the area (gorilla trekking, anyone?).  One thing that I will always hold close to my heart, is the impact of a child’s smile.  Seeing the joy on these kids’ faces when we played sports together on the field.  A light just illuminates inside of them! This is what sports can do.  It provides an opportunity, it builds confidence, encourages teamwork, inspires one to dream, and brings a community together.  It was very special to witness this in Rwanda with KPI.”

Jaime Komer, Olympic Silver Medalist – Water Polo, yoga & pilates instructor, fitness & health writer.


“Being involved with KPI is truly an amazing thing! Sports was a huge part for me growing and continues to be to this day as a professional athlete. Being able to share my enthusiasm for sports with the next generation is more rewarding than any trophy I have ever received. I will continue to travel with KPI now and in the future and help spread the infectious feeling of love and sports.”  Adam Rothfelder




“I am so thankful for the opportunity to travel with a purpose to the glorious country of Rwanda with Kids Play Int’l.  This experience has humbled me as well as warmed my heart knowing we made a difference!  It has been incredibly fulfilling to work hands-on with the camp and to interest with so many boys and girl who have a passion for sports AND education.  It was a huge thrill to see many of the girls step out and show their competition side, even against the boys!  I have so many favorite memories- from setting up the equipment room, to unveiling the new uniforms for the girls soccer team, to introducing baseball as a sport to the coaches and the kids, to jumping rope with the younger kids, to meeting and chatting with Frederick at the Ubumwe Community Center, to our visit with the friendly girls at Ubushobozi.

Most of all, I will NEVER FORGET the many smiles and waves from the hundreds of beautiful children whose lives we touched along the way!  In a short time, I have gained a tremendous respect for the kind and happy people of this resilient country, as well as the work of KPI to help directly improve the welfare of the community.  I would absolutely recommend a KPI volunteer trip to anyone wanting to gain more from giving back!  Thanks again Tracy – you have my complete and continued support!”

Kirsten Elleby, Director of Compliance – Wake Forest University


“By going with Kid’s Play International I have learned so much about what life is really like in less developed and third-world countries. After I got home I started to realize how much my time and contributions to the children in Rwanda really do impact their lives and my own. I’m really hoping that I will be able to keep going for years to come and continue to help the people of Rwanda in any way I can. Everyone kept telling me how “life-changing” my trip would be but I decided to ignore them and go in with no expectations. To say the least no one had any clue as to how powerful and important this trip will be for me and others that decide to do the same.”    

Katherine Geisel, Park City High School Student


“I think that spending time with all of those great kids at the orphanage and at the school was the most liberating experiences of my life. While playing with them I learned about their culture as well as their history. Looking back I wish I could have spent more time just getting to know the older kids there better. I tried to approach the trip and the people with an open mind knowing that it would be different then it is here in the US. I was surprised at how easily I took to their way of life. Overall it was the greatest experience of my life meeting and interacting with people and I hope that the kindness I showed them will touch their hearts like the kindness they showed me touched mine.”

Erica Aper, Park City High School Student/ Volleyball athlete 



“The best part of my trip with KPI was the appreciative “miles of smiles” on the faces of the kids we met and with whom we worked.  My experience in Rwanda with KPI touched me greatly and continues to be with me in my everyday life; I returned home with a renewed sense that good really begets good.”

Don Cook, Photographer, Olympian DAD!



“Traveling to Rwanda with Kids Play Int’l was absolutely life changing. I fell completely in love with the children over there and left feeling that together we not only had a great time, but also made a profound difference in their lives and futures. My favorite part was hearing one local teacher explain the difference between the kids that were involved in Kids Play sport programs and those who were not. He explained that those who played sport were more dedicated in school, worked harder, learned more and were more social with their classmates. Their grades were better and they were more likely to continue their education. Kids Play is truly making a difference on and off the field.”

Emily Cook, 2-Time Olympian, Freestyle Aerials


“I am extremely grateful for you letting me intern with Kids Play International. I had an incredible new experience that was no doubt life changing in so many ways. I was somewhat inexperienced coming over here and didn’t have a full grasp on exactly what to expect. The coaching staff here love you and your team. They send their greetings through me and are looking forward to see you again. You are doing an incredible thing in Rwanda and it’s really changing these kids lives, including mine. I would love for another opportunity to work for you again if circumstances allow. I wish you well with the continuation of this program and all you wish to accomplish.”
Brad Barber, Arizona State University Student: 2012 Intern, Gatagara, Rwanda