One in four adults in the developing world cannot read or write.

Two-thirds of them are women.

This statistic is quite daunting to say the least. To put things in perspective, we have approximately 7 billion people (and then some) on this planet. How does one go about creating change and opportunity to such a massive number? One at a time, of course!

This holiday season we invite you spread the word about our Girls Dream Big! Empowerment Program!  

What is the Girls Dream Big! Empowerment Program?

Kids Play International’s overall mission is to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide. The Girls Dream Big! empowerment program helps to identify, empower, and support individual girls in their education and athletics.

Why is this so important? A women’s education is strongly correlated with a better life at a personal, social, and family level.

Our goal for this fundraiser:

The program site is located in Gatagara, Rwanda, a small, rural village set amongst the rolling countryside. Unfortunately, many girls here do not have the opportunity to start or continue their education. It is our goal to provide educational opportunities by:

1) Developing our Girls Empowerment and Gender Equity curriculum to better inform, educate and empower girls.

2) Hire a Program Coordinator and 2 Coaches.

3) Identify 20-30 girls to support, sponsor and provide tools so that they can attend school and become Champions in Life!

Three to make a difference this holiday season:


Create your own  page (it’s free) and post it on FB, Twitter. Email it to your friends asking them to do the same!


Make a 1 time or even better a recurring donation!  No donation is too small!

$25 puts a girl through primary school and $50 through secondary school for 1 year.  As a recurring donation that is LESS than $5 a month!  


Share our campaign through FB, Twitter or Email. Simply copy/paste this link:

Share the love. Make a difference. Have fun doing it. We’ll cheers to that!