Let’s Play Fair

Let's Play Fair

Sharing the Olympic Value of Fair Play. 

Let’s Play Fair is designed to provide multiple opportunities for boys and girls to work together in an effort to promote gender equity.  KPI’s unique approach is based on an understanding that in order to empower girls, boys much also play a meaningful role in the process.  

KPI provides a weekly program for Rwandan girls and boys aged 7-18 to participate in educational sports activities side-by-side, with support and encouragement from a caring adult. KPI’s rural and community based gender equity program, Let’s Play Fair (LPF), uses sport and interactive discussions to shift attitudes, behaviors and gender norms between girls and boys. It is based on an understanding that in order to empower girls, boys must play a meaningful role in the process so both genders understand how each contribute to a healthy community.

The inclusive LPF program demands teamwork and fosters positive relationships between genders in order to complete program activities. Youth who participate in KPI’s LPF program are provided with the opportunity through sport to intensify supportive peer networks and to engage in more frequent and meaningful contact with peers of both genders, ultimately breaking down gender norms and misperceptions about girls and women’s capabilities.


In addition to daily LPF sessions aimed at educating and inspiring youth participants, KPI is focused on helping the entire Gatagara community find better ways to live, work and play together. In order to achieve this important organizational goal of building a better community with a bigger purpose, KPI holds weekly large-scale community events that engage participants, their families and the wider Gatagara community in gender equity activities. These inclusive events provide a platform for youth participants to practice what they’ve learned during LPF activities, and an opportunity for them teach their peers and neighbors about the importance of gender equality.

LPF programs are delivered by 7 male and 7 female Coaches. Specifically recruited to be caring adult role models, these Coaches have gone through intensive and interactive training workshops, and embody the organization’s goal of bringing about social change. With a long-term commitment to youth and their communities, many LPF Coaches are local school teachers, which directly contributes to KPI’s goal of fostering local ownership and sustainability so that programs may seamlessly become a part of village life.

LPF Coaches deliver interactive activities throughout the year that help participants significantly advance their sports skills and learn how to better understand each gender’s contributions, both on and off the field.


  • Respect
  • Community
  • Contribution
  • Opportunity
  • Moral courage


  • Ethical behavior, in sport/in life
  • Safe space
  • Invitation
  • Inclusion
  • Defending/protection
  • Consent
  • Rising Up
  • Reputation
  • Respect for yourself and others
  • Absence of teasing, cliques, limiting and taking away opportunities


“One of the benefits of sports is that it brings youth together. Sports help people solve their differences and problems. Young people can change their attitude by playing sport.” UNICEF