FunDARITY Campaign


If you were dared to participate in a challenge to benefit a charity….Would you do it?


Baseball_Day 1


Founded by Tracy Evans, 3x Olympic Freestyle Aerialist, Kids Play International (KPI), a non-profit organization
dedicated to using sport to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide.  KPI currently has a year round Let’s Play Fair program in the rural village of Gatagara, Rwanda, Africa and serves over 10,000 children.   Learn


KPI is seeking an enthusiastic athlete/celebrity with a large Instagram, Facebook, Twitter fan base to participate in this summer’s Fun and Daring on-line fundraising campaign. This Dare is an ideal opportunity for you to jump outside of your comfort zone, have fun and most importantly raise money and awareness for KPI.


UOPIn the spirit of our founder, three-time Olympian and National Freestyle Skiing Champion, Tracy Evans, we have chosen Freestyle Aerials summer water ramping in Park City, UT, at the Utah Olympic Park as our debut Dare for you! Don’t worry, you will be in good hands as your coach(es) will be Tracy and Emily Cook, both three-time Olympic Freestyle Aerialists.   For a peak at what this Dare looks like, click or copy and paste this link into your web browser.


The  “Fundarity” on-line campaign will begin on July 14, 2014 and end on August 31, 2014 where we will be trying to raise a TBD donation goal by promoting your dare.   If you choose to accept this Dare on behalf of KPI, we will need your help and enthusiasm by sharing our “Fundarity” campaign with your fans and followers through your social media networks.  KPI hopes to secure 2 athletes who could engage in a friendly competition!  Once the campaign has ended, KPI will bring you to Park City, UT in September (flexible timing) to perform the Dare at the Utah Olympic Park.  KPI will cover your cost of flight, transport and accommodation.


  • Promotion of you and your likeness through our website, social media, press releases about the campaign through KPI’s PR Firm and any other media outlets.
  • Potential TV, newspaper and other media coverage of Dare being performed at Utah Olympic Park.
  • A complimentary trip to Park City, UT and a unique opportunity to try Freestyle Aerial water-ramping!

With your help, Kids Play International will continue to grow and utilize the power of sport to break down the walls of segregation, promote social wellbeing, and instill the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Fair Play to the children in our programs in Rwanda and Cambodia.  To read more on Kids Play Int’l please visit:

If you would like to entertain or learn more about this opportunity to support by performing our Dare, please call Tracy Evans at 310-871-7956 or email