This was an eventful week for KPI. Check out a few of our many updates below. Don’t miss out on Celebrate Sochi or the opportunity to Sponsor-A-Child to Play & Learn!


For the past two weeks, our focus has been on Rwandan Traditional Dance. Our kids have done an amazing job! They are working hard and with a lot of enthusiasm. The Rwandan traditional dance is energetic but at the same time very elegant. Each dancer uses their whole body and emphasizes the length of their arms to look like they are almost flying. The arm motion is usually representative of a Rwandan Cow, which has horns the size of average adults arms.

Dancing fit perfectly with our current topic of the month: contribution. In the traditional dance, the singers are as important to the beauty of the dance as the dancers themselves. Our kids were able to choose where they wanted to contribute when performing – as a dancer or as a singer. All of our kids practiced both, however, in the end, they were able to chose where they wanted to contribute.

Check out our dance moves here: 7-12 Traditional Dance 13-15 Dance-off


Although KPI is all about unity and boys & girls working together, we are also game for a little boys vs girls action!  Following dance this week, we played futbol (soccer) boys vs girls. The teams were evenly matched for both age groups. The girls and boys gave their best effort and the coaches joined in.

We were able to discuss contribution following the game because we had a couple “ball-hogs” on the boy’s teams. After our game, we discussed how the forward who makes the assist is as important as the scorer. Each team member must contribute to the best of their ability – even if that means passing up the opportunity to be the “hero” to allow someone in a better position to score. By contributing unselfishly, a player is putting his/her team first.


This week we also honored 13-15 yr old kids with high attendance. Students with attendance of 82% of higher received small gifts. Those with 88% or higher received a backpack with school supplies. We have two students, Pascasie & John, who have had 100% attendance since June. They received a brand new futbol and a water bottle.


Thanks to the contribution of one of our volunteers, KPI was able to give every participating 13-15 yr old girl a sports bra!! All of the coaches and kids are so thankful!! Sports bras are not something that we can normally fit in our budget but they are crucial to the program. Imagine being 13 years old and not having a sports bra when playing soccer, running, jumping, etc.!?!? I, for one, would never have participated after 12. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our supporters for making this possible for our kids!


As you all know, the Sochi Winter Olympics are right around the corner (Feb. 7th – 23rd) and KPI would like to encourage you to Celebrate Sochi to support KPI! Here at KPI we are working hard to share the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship, Fair Play with our kids and in order to do that, we need your support! What better way to support us, and Team USA, than hosting a party or getting your colleagues, fellow yogis, teammates, students, etc. to wear red, white, and blue. For more information: click here.


Last but not least, we are happy to announce we have started our first ever Sponsor-A-Child program!! Now you have the opportunity to pick one of our stellar student-athletes to support. We promise they are amazing kids and you will not be disappointed! For more info on our Sponsor-A-Child program or to select your student-athlete: click here.