So many things are going on at KPI this week that it’s hard to focus on just one point! For that reason, below please find a couple highlights:


“Good game, good game” – Gerard teaching the kids about fair play & sportsmanship

Tournament: We have continued our futbol tournament for our participants. They are loving it and working so well together. It’s incredibly encouraging for the coaches to see new friendships forming and such great sportsmanship between teams.  Additionally, coaches have really stepped up their game this week! Each coach was assigned a team and they came up with team names and a chant. Not only was the cheering during the games intense but based on the cheer-off at the end of program it was easy to see the kids were loud and proud!

Team Time: We introduced team time. Team time is when the participants are split into their teams and discuss various topics with their coaches. This week we were focused on gender equity, specifically why the girls goal counted for two points, while the boys counted for one. The kids had great feedback and some of the boys were able to be honest and say it was probably because boys don’t pass to girls, not because they think they are better but because they want to be the one to score and be celebrated.  Overall it was a positive experience and we look forward to adding team time into our daily schedule.


Coach Issa leading a discussion on the importance of education.

Education Discussion:  Thursday we had to cancel the program due to rain. Since we had 51 of our kids already there we decided to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of education.  All of our coaches, aside from Kate, Gerard, and Jean Paul, are teachers. Issa and Willy, two of our new coaches lead the discussion.  The coaches emphasized the importance of education and how it provides opportunities. Our kids had great questions, many revolved around their role in the family to provide as well as, per usual, the successful people who have dropped out of school and were still successful. The coaches responded well explaining that it is ultimately their choice but at the end of the day, education will provide them with multiple opportunities and allow them to create change in their communities. They can choose to help or be helped.  The kids were very engaged and had great feedback – they really challenged the coaches in a healthy and respectful way.

Insurance: During our school visits this week, we learned just how crucial it is for KPI to cover our participants insurance. In Gatagara, less than 50% of the families could afford insurance. No insurance, no school. By covering insurance for our participants we are giving them the opportunity to stay in school.

Overall it was a busy, but successful week!  This Sunday, 9/29, we are preparing for our first KPI Parent’s Day! We can’t wait to meet the parents of our kids and look forward to their increased involvement going forward. Photos and recap will be posted next week.