This week KPI has been hosting a mini-KPI futbol tournament for our participants.  As you may know, KPI focuses on one sport for six weeks. We started with futbol since it is the most familiar and beloved sport for our participants. Each day we split the kids into five or six stations and practice different skills – headers, footwork, ball control, etc. Following 45 mins of stations, we combine our station teams and play for 15-20 mins – trying to focus on using the skills we’ve learned during stations and implement them into various game situations. The games also give the kids the opportunity to practice some of the Fair Play values we have introduced via actions, such as honest self-refereeing and lining up after and saying, “good game” to their opponent.


Francoise & Sept being praised for a job well done! Francoise scored twice – Tues & Thurs – both goals assisted by Sept.

Last week we split the kids into four teams, evenly split between boys and girls, and established a game rule. The rule was only a goal scored by a girl counted. The rule was established to insist that the boys not only passed to the girls, but also valued their contribution to the team.

Additionally, coaches initiated mandatory cheering, specifically for the 13-15 yr olds. Just like in the US, 7-12 year olds are more than happy to cheer and dance whereas the 13-15 year olds now have a “cool” reputation to uphold. Each game the two teams who were sitting had to cheer for their teammates on the field. One boy and one girl would lead their teams in song and chants throughout the 15 min game.

This week the tournament started and it has been amazing! So far, the scoring rule has done exactly what we had hoped. The boys were passing to the girls and when the girls scored there was a huge celebration and high fives from all teammates. Out of four games, we had two goals. Following the matches in our closing circle we brought the girls into the middle – Francoise & Pascasie  – and praised them. Then we brought the two people who passed and assisted the goal – both boys – Edouard & Sept. We also praised them. We discussed the value of teamwork and highlighted that when boys and girls work together we can achieve great things.