Big things are happening for Kids Play Int’l this month!  After a productive two-week visit from KPI Founder, Tracy Evans, KPI is gearing up for the launch of its new Kid’s Play Fair! Curriculum.  Kate Kelley, KPI’s newest team member, will be joining teammates Flodouard, Gerard, and, KPI Program Coordinator, Jean Paul, to implement the new program emphasizing fair play.

With the support of the community, KPI is in the process of selecting 100 students – 50 boys and 50 girls – between the ages of 7-16 to participate in our after-school program.  The emphasis of the after-school program will be “fair play”.  Our focus each day will be abiding by a strict behavior code while instilling the attributes of fair play: respect, community, contribution, opportunity, and moral courage.

In addition to selecting students, KPI is in the process of selecting and training new coaches from the Gatagara community.  Last week KPI hosted a coaches meeting for 14 interested community members.  Next week new coaches will begin attending the program and observing our current coaches and participants.  Once coaches are selected, KPI will begin coach’s trainings and at least four coaches will be present daily to lead our activities – two men and two women.

Overall, the whole team is excited with the progress and believes this will be a big year for the program!

IMG_0533Coach Gerard offering instruction during our end-of-session futbol match!

If you have any questions regarding our new Let’s Play Fair! Program or are interested in supporting KPI, please contact Tracy or Kate