2013 KPI Coaches Clinic Participants

Yesterday, KPI hosted its first of many coaching clinics for our new and existing coaches.  Fourteen coaches, including nine females and five males, from our three partner schools, Kaganza, Mwanabiri. Nyartovou, joined Jean Paul & Kate at the Gatagara cell office at the community field for a three hour clinic.

Topics covered included KPI history, mission, vision and methodology as well as fair play and the vital role of a coach.  Following introductions, the coaches went through a trust and teambuilding activity where one coach was blindfolded and the others had to guide him or her through a maze.  The point of the exercise was to show the coaches that KPI is a team and in order to succeed, we must rely on each other, communicate with each other, listen to each other, and trust each other.


Coach Claudine trusting the team of KPI coaches to get her through the maze of cones.

Following our activity, Jean Paul & Kate jumped right into our KPI history, mission, vision, and methodology.  In an interactive discussion, Jean Paul explained the benefits of sport for all children and touched on its particular role in gender equity. He also explained the Olympic ideals as a gateway to fair play.

As mentioned in a previous post, in June KPI launched its new Let’s Play Fair program. Our Let’s Play Fair program is centered on fair play. At KPI, we believe the attributes of fair play are: 1) respect, 2) community, 3) contribution, 4) opportunity, and 5) moral courage. In order to have all of our coaches engaged and truly understand fair play and its attributes, we split into five teams. Each team was responsible for one attribute and presenting it to the group.

After 15 minutes, our teams came together and shared all they had learned.

  1. RESPECT: The respect team emphasized the importance of treating others with respect and that in order to be respected you must first give respect. They shared that in order for the kids to respect the coaches, the coaches must respect the kids and in order for the kids to respect each other, the coaches must first model respect for each other.
  2. COMMUNITY: The community team focused on working together and not treating anyone as less than due to age or gender.  Through their skit they showed that when the whole community works together, we achieve more.
  3. CONTRIBUTION: The contribution team focused their skit on inclusion and making sure everyone on the team has the opportunity and responsibility to contribute.
  4. OPPORTUNITY: The opportunity team did a skit that was very relevant to the current village culture – the son getting to play while the daughter was at home responsible for younger siblings and cleaning. They showed the son asking the mother to allow the girl to participate because of all of the benefits of sport.
  5. MORAL COURAGE: The moral courage team focused on making the right call and also courage as a whole – supporting teammates, cheering them on, and giving the courage to try, fail, and succeed.


    Contribution Team acting out their attribute.

Each team did a great job and following their skits explained the teachings as if they had a team of young people in front of them. The opportunity skit in particular allowed for a great discussion on the current culture and how KPI can help bring change, without offending or placing blame on parents.

Lastly, we went through the vital role of a coach and the KPI Coaches Contract. Jean Paul and Kate explained the commitment necessary to becoming a coach and responsibility of being a role model to the kids.

Overall, the day was a success. The coaches are enthusiastic and ready to start on Monday!!

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