The holiday season is a particularly special time for giving back. This is exactly what the ICAP Charity Day is all about.

In a roasted chestnut on the fire (aka nutshell), ICAP is the world’s premier interdealer broker and provider of post trade risk and information. Once a year they have a Charity Day where ALL revenue and brokers commissions from ICAPS worldwide offices are distributed to over 200 charities.

And hold the phone, this year Kids Play International was one of them!

We had three phenomenal Olympic athletes representing Kids Play Int’l, 2-time Gold Medalist Angela Hucles (soccer), Silver Medalist April Ross (beach volleyball), and Silver Medalist Chellsie Memmel (gymnastics). These gals rocked the floor like nobody’s business, closing major deals and sharing the inspiration of Kids Play International.

“It was such a thrill to be a part of the ICAP Charity Day and to witness first hand the generosity and excitement of the employees giving back to great causes like Kids Play Int’l. The best parts were seeing everyone involved, dressing up in costumes, competing to raise money and all for good. It reminded me of being on a competitive sports team!” –Angela Hucles

“I thought the ICAP event was a great success!  I had such a good time talking with the employees and helping raise money for charities like Kids Play International. I applaud ICAP for having its annual Charity Day, it positively impacts so many lives through the charities it donates to.” –Chellsie Memmel

“Being at ICAP charity day with Kids Play was a once in a lifetime experience, the energy was so crazy and positive, it just felt like an incredible honor to be there, especially on behalf of such a great foundation!” –April Ross

The grant given by ICAP will immensely help our goal to improve the lives of the boys and girls in Rwanda, as well the other areas that Kids Play is reaching out to.

“I can’t imagine what the benefits of being at ICAP charity day will do for Kids Play International, the grant they will be given should allow them to expand their mission to more parts of the world and enable them to help so many more deserving children around the world.  The fact that I could be part of that gives me a lot of joy, I’m so happy I could help in the smallest way!” –April Ross

“This was my first event working with Kids Play and it wont be my last.  The grant will help so many children in Rwanda…help to give them more education, more sporting equipment, and improve their overall quality of life.” –Chellsie Memmel

As a foundation that uses sports to inspire, educate, and challenge, our Athlete Ambassadors have a passion for the same.

“My involvement with Kids Play Int’l is such an honor because it uses the vehicle of sports to give back to women and girls in Africa.  Being an African-American female who has benefitted from participating in sports all of my life, it is a tremendous opportunity to continue to serve and give back to those individuals that don’t have the same support that I had when I was younger, but deserve the same opportunities!” –Angela Hucles

At Kids Play Int’l, we are so grateful to have been a part of the ICAP Charity Day, represented by these three charismatic and talented ambassadors, and to be able to further pursue our goals thanks to the ICAP grant!

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Hey, who’s that tall guy in the middle? He looks oddly familiar. Our Ambassadors and Founder Tracy Evans ran into Olympic great, Michael Phelps at the ICAP Charity Day. So many Olympians!