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Lady Can Go

There have been few stories that I’ve been hesitant to write out of fear of doing a disservice to the individual. Tien’s story is one of those few. Her life is an extraordinary story of triumph in which my most eloquent of articulation will not  provide her character...

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Khmer Kitty: Six Months in Siem Reap

Today marks six months since Kids Play launched in Siem Reap, Cambodia. In those six months, I’ve evolved from American Katey into my new and improved Khmer alter ego- Kitty (an endearing feline nickname derived from the classic mispronunciation of ‘ay’). In her...

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Three Weeks In Cambodia: Quinn’s Volunteer Experience

About two months ago today, I was living in Cambodia. On a whim, I decided to travel to Siem Reap for three weeks to volunteer with an organization called Kids Play International. When I started to tell friends, family, and acquaintances about my decision, I was often...

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Creative Girls

We must always have self-confidence!  One day as Christine, Joyeuse and Divine were walking to our KPI program they decided they wanted to come up with a cheer to celebrate what they were learning during our self-empowerment season. So, together the 3...

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Honorine’s Story

Honorine is an 8 year old KPI participant and P3 student at Mwanabiri Primary School. She joined KPI in August of this year and immediately showed her leadership skills on her team and in the community. Honorine is the first to answer questions from the coaches, lend...

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