Athlete Ambassador
Angela Hucles


Angela Hucles

  • U.S. Soccer Foundation (USSF) Humanitarian of the Year (2009)
  • Olympic Gold Medalist (2008)
  • U.S. Women’s Leader in Goals (Olympics, 2008)
  • Women’s World Cup Bronze Medalist (2007)
  • Olympic Gold Medalist (2004)
  • Women’s World Cup Bronze Medalist (2003)
  • UVA All-Time Leader in Goals (59)
  • UVA All-Time Leader in Points (138)


Angela Hucles – Soccer

Angela HuclesAs a 2 -time Olympic Gold Medalist, Angela has created a name for herself both on and off the playing field as an inspiring, successful and hard-working individual.

“Playing sports taught me many lessons of how to be successful on the field, but also in life.  It has taught me how to believe in myself and keep trying when I reach an obstacle or even fail.  I am who I am today because of playing sports.”

Leveraging her experience as an international athlete and sport development ambassador, Angela now works to support athlete transition from sports to life after, as well as individuals and organizations empowering women and children to live strong, healthy, and powerful lives domestically and abroad.

Want to see what Angela is up to right now? Check out what Angela has created with her Empowerment Through Sport Leadership Series.

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