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KPI’s has created a year round community based gender equity program called Let’s Play Fair (LPF). LPF uses sport with interactive discussions to shift attitudes, behaviors and social norms between girls and boys aged 7-18. LPF is based on an understanding that in order to empower girls, boys must play a meaningful role in the process so both genders understand how each contribute to a healthy community.



Why We Do It

Gender inequality remains a major barrier to human and community development worldwide. Women and girls are consistently denied access to equivalent opportunities their male counterparts receive, and are often prevented from accessing education, engaging equally in society, or participating in sports activities.

According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), “[Sport] not only enables people to live more active and fulfilling lives, but can also teach vital life skills and values.” Rooted in the understanding that sport can be a powerful catalyst for social change, KPI aims to inspire the next generation of rural disadvantaged youth to positively shift gender norms and bring about sustainable social change. Learn more (link to Our Impact page)

What Sets Us Apart
LPF is a unique in that it is multi-sport, mixed gender, rurally based and embedded long term into communities.
How We Do It

KPI takes a one-village-at-a-time approach by building capacity of local individuals to deliver interactive activities that help youth participants advance their sport and leadership skills, while learning how to better understand each gender’s contributions, both on and off the field. With the goal of building a better community with a bigger purpose, KPI’s programs embrace and teach the inspirational Olympic values of: Respect, Community, Contribution, Opportunity and Moral Courage – Fair Play characteristics that motivate Olympic athletes and rural disadvantaged youth to build more gender equitable societies.

Our Coaches

Coaches are at the center of our program and are referred to as our Gender Equity Captains. Everything a coach, thinks, says and does shapes the players, the program and the community.

Coach DNA


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Travel With a Purpose

KPI’s volunteer trips allow people the opportunity to travel with a purpose and experience the impact of our mission firsthand.