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Kids Play Rwanda Celebrates Olympic Day 2015

Around the world, thousands of people in more than 160 countries celebrate Olympic Day in the middle of June each year. KPR coaches, children and families came together to celebrate Olympic Day during Community Day on June 21st.  The ceremony started with a procession...

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KPI Welcomes New Program Manager

Sara Shanley joined KPI this past April as the Program Manager in Rwanda. As Program Manager, Sara is responsible for day to day operations of the Let's Play Fair program including managing and training staff, curriculum design, program evaluation and partnership...

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KPI from Rwanda: Busy, busy, busy!

This past week was a busy one for KPI! It would be nearly impossible to share all of our news and progress in one readable post so we split into highlights below. PARENT'S DAY KPI hosted Parents Day last Sunday, June 22nd.  All 110 KPI participants were present with...

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Celebrating One Year with Kate Kelley

A great leader is one that can lead by example while selflessly empowering others. I see this in Kate Kelley, a women whose favorite quote (go figure) is “be the change you wish to see in the world.” And let me tell you, she is going for it! Moving into her second...

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Excellence. Friendship. Fair Play. REPEAT.

This week we focused on our KPI Values (again!). On the playing field, in large group circles & small group circles we know them by heart but when it comes to a quiz and writing them down – see ya! As a result, we have been working on both saying and writing the...

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